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Brothers Osborne Are Hoping For A White Christmas In Nashville

By: Vicki Pepper

December 19, 2017

As the Christmas season is fully underway, Brothers Osborne – John and T.J. – have invited their family – and John’s wife Lucie Silvas‘ family – to celebrate with them in Nashville.

“This will be the first time ever since John and I’ve lived in Nashville that we will host Christmas here in Nashville, so our parents will be coming down,” reveals T.J. Osborne in a prepared statement. “Our brothers and sisters will be coming in and our nephews and nieces and our great nephews and nieces. We’ll have the whole family here in town.”

“It will also be the first time that John’s in-laws, Lucie Silvas’ parents, from New Zealand and our family would meet,” continued T.J. “They’ve been together, what, for 10 years?”

“Yeah, 10 years and they haven’t met a lot of each other, just because they live across the globe,” John confirmed. “It’s interesting, a lot of them have never experienced a cold Christmas before. I went there for Christmas and New Year’s a few years ago, and it was hot. It’s like burning up hot! So, they’ll come here and experience a cold Christmas. I hope, I really, really hope that it gets cold enough and snows.”

There is currently no snow in the forecast for Nashville, but things could always change.