6 Classic Things You Know Your Mom Does

By: Corie Odden

May 12, 2017

As Mother's Day approaches, we got to thinking about all the "Classic Mom Moves" that all of our Moms do. Yes, those quirky little things that drove us crazy when we were young, but are so endearing to us now as adults!

Check out the list below and share if your Mom does these!

1. She has joined the smart phone world... but texts with just one finger. She's getting pretty good with the emojis too. Not the new ones, those classics with :) ;) <:)

2. When you go grocery shopping with her, as soon as you get to the check out, she remembers something she missed from the list and says "Stay here, I'll be back before you get to pay!" Stranding you there in terror!

3. She still holds a special hate filled place in her heart for that kid that wronged you back in 3rd grade. She swears if she ever sees that little jerk out in public she's gonna give him "a piece of her mind".

4. Better than any seatbelt ever thought of being, she holds her arm out in front of you in the car an99 time she hits the brakes. 

5. She literally always has napkins, tissues or baby wipes on her at all times. She reminds you to make sure to take napkins for your car at any drive thru.

6. You still get mail at her house occasionally and she makes sure to get every piece of junk mail to you, opened of course!