5 Best Songs On Luke Bryan's 'What Makes You Country'

By: Robyn Collins

December 8, 2017

Country superstar Luke Bryan is back with a new album What Makes You Country, and it’s full of hits waiting to be discovered.

This project is one you can listen to all the way through, but here are our five favorites.

“What Makes You Country”
This quintessential Luke Bryan song has a good groove, singable melody and paints plenty of pictures of his life growing up in Georgia. It also invites the listener to figure out what it is that makes them country and to be proud of those things.

“Pick It Up”
Bryan sings about putting down the things he hopes his children will pick up on this track.  The singer lists physical examples like putting a guitar or a fishing pole by their bed, as well as more intangible things like how to talk to strangers or how to treat your wife.

"Like You Say You Do”
This song is addressed to a man who isn’t treating his woman right, the narrator tells him to move along so he can love her like she deserves.

“Land of a Million Songs”
Bryan, who started out in Nashville as a songwriter, explores the journey and reveals the struggles and drive of that profession. The gently moving tune gives a pretty accurate description of the choice to follow the artistic path.

"Drinkin’ Again”
This party song is a long fun list of all the things that might make you want a drink. It is basically making the point that anything can be a reason to get you “drinkin’ again.”