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DOC SHOW AUDIO: Lips Big Enough For Doc's Forehead!

We were telling the story of the wife of a football coach in Florida who greets the team players when they come off the bus on game day. Doc remembered a friend's Mom who used to always kiss him on the forehead when he came over to their house. Freddie wondered, how could this work? Getty Image... Read More


We're chatting pizza and a great cause with Jim of NEPA Pizza Review this week! Get your Ugly Christmas Pizza Sweater here . Find Jim's review of Alley Whey Eatery here . DOC AND JESSIE AUDIO: NEPA Pizza Review - Alley Whey Eatery Read More

DOC SHOW AUDIO: Off to the Land of Make Believe

Doc was telling a story of how today was National Kindness Day and men should wear a cardigan in honor of Mister Rogers. Since he forgot to wear his cardigan, Freddie suggested after the show we all go to the Land of Make-Believe. Getty Image Credit: Choreographer Read More

DOC SHOW AUDIO: Time to Sell the House!

The weirdest thing happened in Doc's kitchen on Sunday. His dog Marco, stood up on his hind legs and started barking at the ceiling for about 20 seconds. They've never seen this before. Is there a ghost in the house? Jessie said she hopes so and that it was coming after Doc. You'd never know they... Read More

DOC SHOW AUDIO: Jessie Makes Doc Cry (In a Great Way)

Jessie threw an On-Air birthday party for Doc which included cake, a beautiful card, an awesome Simpson's picture of Doc in the studio. She also had some of his favorite people in the radio industry who impacted his life call in to leave a message including Jumpin' Jeff Walker from KRZ, Neuman from... Read More

DOC SHOW AUDIO: Psst...Blippi, I Think You're Open

Jessie was telling us about Blippi, a kids' Facebook sensation who is like a modern-day Pee Wee Herman. She watched a few episodes and now she's hooked along with Charlie. But, Jessie did notice what looked like a wardrobe malfunction and it consumed her for the rest of the day. Getty Image Credit... Read More